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Blemished - Mechforce Deltacore Long Spinner, Aluminum


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Package Included:

(1X) Blemished - Mechforce Deltacore Long Spinner, Aluminum

This product may have dents, scratches and manufacturing defects.

No warranty or return is available for blemished products. 


  • The Deltacore spinner from Mechforce is designed from the ground up to achieve maximum spin time while maintaining a futuristic design
  • Perfect for Stress, ADHD, and Anxiety Relief
  • Fidgeting for Productivity – It has been scientifically shown that fidgeting can help improve memory and creativity
  • Included hybrid ceramic ball bearing provides smooth spinning and extended spin time
  • Aluminum construction offers a strong yet lightweight build
  • The main body can fit (6) cylindrical light sources (1.5 mm OD x 6 mm Long) or Glow in the Dark Material


Length: 2.3” x Width: 2.5” x Thick: 0.7”

Weight: 2.4 OZ

Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

Bearing: Removable Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing R188

Surface Treatment: Color Anodized


Body: Black

Thumb Cap: Black

Country of Origin:

MADE IN CHINA with American Quality Standard

***Design Patent Pending***

Type: Blemished

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