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Blemished - Mechforce Hurricane Fidget Finger Spinner


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Blemished - Mechforce Hurricane Fidget Spinner

This product may have dents, scratches and manufacturing defects.

No warranty or return is available for blemished products.

Package Included:

(1X) Mechforce - Hurricane Fidget Spinner

(1X) Stainless Steel Bearing Cap - Uncoated


The Mechforce Hurricane Fidget Spinner is a product made from a professional firearm component manufacturer. With more than 20 years of CNC machining experience and product development, we are able to bring the latest manufacturing technologies, coating technologies and design trends to the EDC spinner world.

Design Languages:

Boldness: With almost ¾” thick and heavy outlines, the Hurricane spinner is a latest design representation for the American Manufacturing spirit.

Tactical: Heavily influenced by firearms accessories, the Hurricane spinner brings the best design combo between the tactical firearms and EDC gear.


Length: 2.8” x Width: 1.1” x Thick: 0.7”

Weight: 2.9 OZ

Bearing: Premium Grade Full Ceramic Ball Bearing

***Design Patent Pending***


Bearing Imported

Type: Blemished

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