Large 5" 3D Metal Decal / Sticker - Punisher Skull for Car, Truck and Motorcycle

Package Included:

(1X) Punisher Skull, 3D Metal Sticker 5" X 3.6"


  • Decorate your ride with this high quality 3D metal “Punisher Skull” sticker to stand out from the crowd.


  • This 3D metal sticker fits any flat area with 5" x 3.6" and comes with a strong formed adhesive in the back for easy install.


  • This 3D metal sticker is die casted from a CNC engraved steel mold which produced an amazing 3D details and precision.


  • Made from weather / corrosion resistant metal. 



Installation Instructions:

Clean the chosen flat area with rag to ensure the location is free from dust, grease and water.


Peel off the thin film from adhesive at the back side of the metal sticker and orient the sticker to the correct location.


Gently press down the metal sticker to the designated area and ensure the adhesive is fully in contact with the flat surface. 

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